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Who is Brightskull

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An Introduction to Brightskull

Voiceover, as a modern staple in a video game’s development cycle or as an included feature, is a relatively new development. However, despite this, the industry began development on the first instances of voiceover in games almost 40 years prior paving the way for the industry as it is now. Development studios began including voiceover in video games as early as 1983, with Disney’s Dragon’s Lair, to breathe life into an already vibrant medium and provide players with a deeper and more enriching experience than the graphics could provide at the time. As the years passed, the industry of video games continued to evolve and new technology was incorporated. Today, both indie and AAA Developers utilize unique and revolutionary techniques to create immersive and vibrant worlds. Voiceover now provides a critical component of a game’s immersion as voice actors bring life to an already lifelike character or provide a detailed and rich soundscape for players to experience while traversing stunningly beautiful games.

With a focus on immersion, storytelling, and entertainment, the video game industry needs quality voiceover now more than ever. This is where we, The Brightskull Entertainment Group, come into the picture.

History of Brightskull

Founded in 2013, Brightskull has become synonymous with collaboration and innovation within the voiceover production services scene. CEO Michael Csurics, the founder of Brightskull and voice director, began the company with the goal of bringing efficiency and team-oriented passion to video game voiceover work. Michael began his career in voiceover and dialogue cutting foley and footsteps. 

Eventually, after a transformative read of “The Fat Man’s Guide to Game Audio (Tasty morsels of Sonic Goodness)”, Michael grew more passionate about video game audio and dialogue recognizing that many of his passions were woven within the scene. It felt like a perfect fit. Michael began pursuing a career in video game voice audio, directing, casting, and scriptwriting which eventually lead to his involvement with the critically and fan-acclaimed Bioshock 2 and much more.

After years of work within the video game voiceover production space, Michael began to notice the inefficiency of the current “mercenary” voiceover industry.   The outsourced voiceover production team members were not very synchronized with development and it seemed that feeling permeated the industry as a whole. Michael sought a solution that created natural cohesion between the voice, sound production, and dev teams. Now, with almost 10 years of projects under Brightskull’s belt, including Tacoma, Just Cause 4, and Bugsnax, among many others, Brightskull is looking towards the future and ready to drive change.

How complicated is voiceover production?

As simple as the professions may seem to some, voiceover production and game development are full of moving parts. Capturing voice performances that echo the vision of a game is incredibly difficult to work within an ever-changing industry and requires years of training and skill. Keeping the voiceover team in sync with the rest of the creative team’s goals demands keen attention to detail and clear communication. This need for synchronization and clear communication informs many of the goals and aspirations of Brightskull’s studio integration efforts.

The Brightskull process?

We are a full-service, in-house voiceover production studio. We will tailor our offering to your development needs and your budget. A contract with Brightskull means a dedication to your game through these avenues:

  • Production
  • Casting
  • English & Localization
  • Recording & Capture 

Bringing a personal touch to each project is a necessity when creating works of art. Brightskull strives to provide high-quality services while providing an in-touch perspective on the needs and goals of each client. With every project being unique, Brightskull connects and synchronizes with each development team to provide these powerful deliverables.

Brightskull’s Goal for the Future

Brightskull is more than an outsourced production group. Brightskull’s goal is to create a team-oriented atmosphere and connect with your project on a fundamental level. Brightskull’s goal for the future is to marry strong and functional voiceover production and writing, with a “why” that truly highlights the progressive and scholarly nature of the storytelling discipline. We work to innovate the narrow medium of video game face motion capture and audio performance with new techniques, powerful coordination, and an unrivaled production method.

Brightskull is excited to bring life to your project. See how our services can help you find your voice with our many voice-acting services here.

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