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We are collaborators

Whether you’re searching for an end-to-end solution for your next project, looking to tap into our expertise with some heavy lifting on a single task, or maybe just have some questions we can help answer, we’ve got you covered.

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Our Voiceover Production Package is all-inclusive, and we handle every detail of the process for you. We’ll take the pre-production, signatory, scheduling, actor payroll, post-production, delivery, and anything else. Sit back, relax, and let us take it from here. Our entire Production team is part of our full-time team allowing everyone to focus on your projects and their needs.

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This first step in the VO production pipeline is often critical for a project’s success. In addition to perfectly embodying each character and bringing them to life, finding the right talent for each role also goes a long way to ensure smoother recording sessions.

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Recording & Capture

Our recording and voice production team has been providing award-winning and critically acclaimed content for some of the highest-profile games on the market since day one. We are dedicated to performance and go to great lengths to refine every aspect of our pipeline to reflect this.

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English Localization

We are available to help develop the narrative and write the dialogue. Many of our clients use our writing services to enhance/polish their dialogue and ensure it is of the highest quality. This ensures the recording sessions can run as efficiently as possible. Our writing services are beneficial for games written in another language and are now being translated into English.

We are storytellers

It’s how we know that at the heart of every project is a unique narrative eager to find its own voice.

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We also know that the journey to making that voice shine rarely travels the same path for any two undertakings.

One team may have a project in development and be looking to offload the entirety of the voiceover process altogether. Another may find themselves looking for a creative partnership, bringing in experts to fill knowledge gaps in a specific area like directorial, casting, or writing dialogue.

The way we see it, our role in that journey is to leverage our expertise and experience to fit perfectly as the missing pieces in each client’s puzzle. It’s why we’ve built our tools, workflows, and pipelines from the ground up to be able to adapt to each project’s needs, not the other way around.

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