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Partner with Brightskull to make your video game voiceovers stand out.

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Exclusive to video games.

At Brightskull, we focus exclusively on video games. That means every system, process, and tool we use is built with game development in mind first, foremost, and only.

Founded by game developers.

Brightskull was founded by an in-house lead from one of the industry’s top AAA studios. From the ground up, we built this company to be a partner that didn’t exist.

Guided by a vision.

We aim to make Brightskull’s outsourcing production model feel like an insourced team. Unlike large companies with many layers of management and bureaucracy, we are agile. Our tight-knit group answers only to our clients and can adapt quickly to each project’s unique needs.

About Us

We Are Storytellers

Beyond our passion for storytelling is our desire to connect with our clients and engage with each project as if we’d been with the team all along.

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Our team at Brightskull provides world-class dialogue and voiceover services for significant studios and curated indie projects. No matter the size of the project, we put art front and center. We believe in better. Better pipelines. Better quality. Better scalability. Put simply, we believe in a better way of making dialogue.

At the start of every project, there is a moment. It happens when the clients join the session, the actors head into the booth, our director calls action, and the first take is underway. Then it happens. On hearing the first scene being performed, the client breathes a sigh of relief and smiles.

Many projects we’ve worked on have received awards, high Metacritic scores, and commercial success, but the way we’ve come to measure our success is in that smile.

Our Work


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Our Services

We are collaboratorS

We take pride in our team and love working with other teams to assist in bringing their visions to life.

English Localization
Recording & Capture

What they’re saying

Praise from the Press

Bugsnax High Res
“The voice acting is on par with games with fifty times the budget. Every single actor delivers a fantastic performance.” — Justin Woo, GameCrate on Tacoma
“The residents of Snaktooth Island the adorable and hilarious Grumpuses are all delightful, packed with a huge amount of personality. They’re all fully voiced, and to an impeccably high level. You’d be forgiven for thinking you’re watching a Pixar animation unfold at points.” — Kim Snaith, Gamespew on Bugsnax
“In the game, the voice acting was a great treat. I give huge props to the voice actor of Hilda; she had a lot on her plate as the main character and she killed it. Asterigos’ greatest strengths are fun combat, excellent voice acting, and detailed lore found around the city.” — Noah Rigsby, Gaming Trend on Asterigos: Lost City

Our Clients

Telling Stories with the Industry’s Finest.

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