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At Brightskull, we pride ourselves with our ability to partner with our clients. In our effort to be of service to our clients, we aim to deliver a full voiceover production experience. For us, this goes beyond the basic casting, recording and post-production. Let’s explore a bit more of what you get with your partnership with Brightskull.

We offer Union Signatory Services at no additional charge for every production we work on. This includes registering the project, processing all required paperwork and payroll and making sure the project is compliant with the Union requirements.

Brightskull knows that great recording starts with great pre-production. During our script ingestion process, we provide an in-depth script review. This allows us to serve as an extra set of eyes for your script. We also aim to raise questions prior to the session, so the session can be run as efficiently and productively as possible. We want to maximize your time in the booth and believe a solid script review is a big part of that.

Our post-production process includes more than the editing and mixing. We also have a comprehensive QA process that includes the making sure the audio quality is where it needs to be as well as making sure each line is recorded and named correctly. We provide a final version of the script with a full transcription of each line, as recorded. At Brightskull, we believe every job worth doing is worth doing with excellence and therefore QA is a necessary step in that process.

At the beginning of 2023, Brightskull unveiled our next-generation of recording booths. They were designed with a dual approach to be a place that both fosters creativity and collaboration for the actor and productive team while providing state-of-the-art audio. We have designed the booths with a modern, airy feel because we believe that audio does not have to be recorded in a dark, black box. We offer highly transparent pre-amps with clean signal paths, guaranteeing that our clients get the best audio for their games. Each booth is hard-wired for facial capture and wired into a distributed Dante network which allows any booth to communicate to any control room with the push of a button. We are also fully outfitted to provide Faceware facial capture and have our own Mark IV HMC in-house.

We fully understand how complex and multi-faceted voiceover production can be and we take a lot of pride in our full offering of services to make sure your game is given the attention it deserves. If all this sounds interesting to you, please be sure to fill out our contact form, so we can start chatting about what a collaboration with Brightskull would look like.

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