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Nuts & Bolts of Voiceover

Casting a Wide Net for your Game

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Throughout the years, Brightskull has cast thousands of actors and has created a casting flow that works not only for clients, but for actors and agents alike. We focus on talent, not names or agencies.

How it Works: the Brightskull Way

First, it starts with getting to know who we are casting. We connect with our client to fully understand each character; their appearance, their voice, their archetype, their size, their origin story — everything we can get our hands on. Our goal is to be able to flesh out each character and make them feel like a real human (or monster, or goblin, what have you!).

Next, we begin creating the sides. These are the pages that will ultimately be in the hands of the actor auditioning for the role. At this stage, Brightskull gets to have some more fun. We work to make sure the description of the character is comprehensive and cohesive, so that any actor anywhere can immediately grasp the character’s essence. We include as much information about the project genre and setting as possible in order to provide context for the role in which the actors will be auditioning. Our sides also include character art when possible, the character bio, and physical and vocal traits to help the actors create the voice.

Our goal is to be able to flesh out each character and make them feel like a real human (or monster, or goblin, what have you!).

How does Brightskull decide which lines to include, you ask? Great question! We go for “key” lines that embody a character’s personality and type, encompass a range of emotions, and include a variety of projections. If the game requires, we will ask to hear combat barks and any singing or other unique skill. At Brightskull, we love to add one “meaty” line— something actors can really sink their teeth into. It is super helpful to hear the different interpretations from the actors, not to mention, just plain fun.

Vocal Qualities

There are endless directions vocal characteristics can go, but some examples are:

  • Clean/Friendly/Chipper
  • Youthful
  • Elderly
  • Vocal Fry
  • Burnt/Dark/Harsh/Gravel
  • Booming/Deep/Resonant
  • “Trailer”/”Radio”
  • Narrative
  • Natural/Conversational

Or any combination of the above.

Time to Get the Auditions – Gotta Collect Them All

Now, it’s time to bring the sides to life. At Brightskull, we don’t use a roster or send our sides out solely to select agencies. We want to hear ALL of the talent. We want to hear from every agency! We are all-inclusive, as we feel it casts the widest net and enables us to discover new talent whenever possible and therefore always provide the best talent fit for our clients’ projects.

For many roles, this process results in hundreds of auditions for any character. Of course, the number of auditions varies based on how specific the role requirements are. For example, an open-ethnicity, young adult female role will yield more auditions than an elderly Black man with a thick Caribbean accent.

Finally, we listen to each and every actor that auditions. During our casting process, each submission is listened to by multiple people on our team. This enables a variety of ears to listen to the reads. Whether we are casting leads, supporting roles, featured roles, or otherwise, we lend a keen ear to all of the talent that submits with the same amount of enthusiasm because every role matters.

Once we have made our selections, we share them with our clients. We always share all of the auditions and welcome conversations and feedback from the clients as we collaborate to make the final decisions on the cast.

We Love Actors

Voiceover acting is what we love. It’s why we’re here! This process starts with casting.

Actors should remember that sides are tools, not products! Be succinct and hit us with the best read you’ve got.

Casting is a fun but disciplined process for everyone involved. Brightskull is here to act as a skilled and helpful member in this integral process. Casting isn’t scary! Brightskull wants actors to do well!

The Game is Cast!

From here, we get to see our cast come to life. Sometimes this is in an ensemble recording setting and sometimes it’s one on one in the studio. Either way, it’s always magic to create and record with talent, whether it’s the first time meeting or we’ve known them for years.

While casting is the first step, its effects are felt at every stage of the process. Making the right casting choices is the catalyst to smooth recording sessions and a success collaboration between Brightskull, the actor and the game’s Developers. It’s a very important piece of the voiceover puzzle and Brightskull has this process down. We have designed it to ensure that clients acquire the exceptional cast that their game deserves.

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